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A new generation of small egg packaging: ComPac®

Eggs are a valuable food product. It is appropriate for the marketing of this food product to use over 40 years of experience in moulded fibre to offer you even better properties to protect fresh eggs, for transport to the consumer and to display your excellent goods on food retail shelves. We have put all of this and our experience into the new ComPac® packaging and thus created premium small packaging that combines modern marketing elements with traditional features.

ComPac® offers you a large front for printing, be it with a high gloss label or tried and tested multi-coloured direct print, which you can purchase in packaging sizes for 2 x 6, 10 and 12 eggs. The highlight is the innovative, invisible safety seal once the packaging is provided with a label. As traditional packaging with direct printing you would be hard pushed to find any other packaging that offers such a large printable front as our new ComPac® small packaging.

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Other features that we are happy to present to you as part of our production specification also help and our service advisers are available any time to present the new egg packaging to you at your premises.

In addition, our famous Swing-Pac® and PP range provide a comprehensive packaging programme for fresh eggs in which you are sure to find the right packaging for your food retail display. We have the right packaging for you, from premium to basic. Our well-known service programme as well as excellent delivery reliability top this off in the interests of our customers.

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